On May 16, the 2017 IAI International Enjoyment Festival and the 17th IAI International Advertising Awards Ceremony with the theme of "Classic Marketing Future" opened in the auditorium of 1500 people of China Media University. It brings together the most cutting-edge marketing content and creative ideas of entrepreneurs and their marketing heads, advertising companies, well-known media professionals and award-winning personnel. On the venue, hundreds of schools of thought contend, colliding and fermenting more deep-seated and diversified fresh ideas.

IAI International Enjoyment Festival is presided over by well-known hosts of CCTV. It has become an annual high-end event in the field of brand marketing. Enjoy it once a year and continue to create enjoyment.

IAI International Enjoyment Festival Site

Kang Hui, Chang Ting and Yilun, Famous Moderators of CCTV

A brilliant, brilliant

The three-day journey of creation and enjoyment takes us into the ocean of "the future of classical marketing". Let us carry out thematic knowledge and Trend Discussion Activities among leaders and elites from different fields in the form of case sharing, peak dialogue, round table discussion, project roadshow, on-site interaction and other links.

Winners of the Grand Prize:

Case Category: Tianjin Yunzhong Jiuge Advertising Co., Ltd.

Hunan Shunfeng Media Co., Ltd.

Planar Class-Drip Travel

Public Welfare Category - Cheilger Advertising

Professional skills training

During the "Creative Enjoyment Festival", IAI Executive Committee will invite the members of the alliance member units to the pioneers in related fields, bringing top-level training courses at home and abroad, covering such topics as marketing training, creative training, brand training and so on.

Paresh Shah, Business Professor, MBA, Harvard University, USA

Public donation activities

The IAI International Advertising Award not only promotes the development of the industry, but also pays attention to the fulfillment of social responsibility. During the "Creative Enjoyment Festival", IAI Executive Committee will donate the 2017 IAI Yearbook to universities, famous enterprises, libraries at home and abroad, and major media at home and abroad.




5.18 IAI International Training



Paresh Shah(USA)

Chief Strategist and Value-Architect, The Non-Obvious Company

Workshop description  

Learn how to apply future predictions and trends from the 2017 Non-Obvious Trend Report and Mr. Shah’s keynote speech for your business success. Advertisers, brands, product developers and any executive who wants to understand how to apply some key trends, including the trend of mainstream mindfulness and how to be ne of the first to address a new powerful group of influencers – Lifters.   In this high energy, interactive, experiential workshop, Mr. Shah will share his cutting-edge research and lead participants in an overview of:

1. How to apply the trends to your business challenges

2. How to get 10.5 X performance relative to others via mindful management and Non-Obvious innovation

3. Three essential mindsets to avoid being disrupted and succeed at a time of massive transformation

4. Key learnable skills to be a powerful, mindful Lifter leader

5. Specific mindfulness techniques that anyone can use to be more focused, productive, creative and innovative

This workshop is for any leader who wishes to understand, practice and begin to master how to see the future, take action and use mindful management for business advantage and success.

Mr. Shah is a rare combination of technical engineer, strategic business consultant with MBA from Harvard, breakthrough innovator, transformative leadership expert, mindfulness yogi and engaging instructor that leaves all audiences inspired, skilled up and ready to take action when they return to work.  Come if you are ready to be the new type of leader every company will need -- A Lifter Leader

This Workshop is tailored for these leaders: they want to see the future, make changes, and learn how to use mind management to gain business advantage and success.

Revealing the latest "atypical trends" that marketers must focus on: Lifters

Last year, The non-obvious Company Shared a central point of view in The best-selling book "atypical trends," which is about to be released in Chinese alongside The weihan marketing group. This time, the company's chairman, Mr Paresh Shah, will be discussing his new book, "atypical trends: Lifters". Lifters is a growing group of companies that every senior executive has to understand in order to be successful in the market. Through the interpretation of this group, we will have some insights on how to turn it into a commercial advantage.

Paresh Shah

Harvard MBA, Technical Engineer, Business Professor, Successful Entrepreneur and Professional Spiritual Guide. He is also a well-known speaker, creator, idealist, consultant and strategist among executives and celebrities around the world.

The non-obvious Company is an international training institution focusing on creativity, strategy and leadership. As the company's chief strategist and value planner, Paresh and his team work together to provide insight and insight to executives around the world.


Feng Jun

Chairman of Patriot Group

Feng jun, born in 1969 in shaanxi province, is chairman of aigo group and chairman of aigo outuou (Beijing) network technology co., LTD. Member of The 11th CPPCC national committee, member of The central committee for civil construction, "The Young Global Leader" in davos.

He graduated from civil engineering department of tsinghua university with a bachelor's degree in 1992. Graduated from Peking University guanghua school of management EMBA major in 2004, master's degree. He graduated from Beijing normal university in 2011 with a doctorate in psychology.

Feng jun, zhongguancun one of the first batch of "self-employed". After graduating from the civil engineering department of tsinghua university in 1992, he saw the development prospect of the computer industry, gave up the foreign aid work that many people envied, and went to zhongguancun street to pedal a tricycle, breaking the eye of countless people. In 1993, he founded huaqi information and digital technology co., LTD., and in 1997, he founded aigo, a brand. Aigo adheres to the ideal of "building aigo into an international brand that makes people proud" and successfully builds aigo into a resounding national IT brand.


Spencer Wong


Change your mindset - in the face of the ever-changing world of marketing, SPENCER Wong, CEO of McCANN & SPENCER in Hong Kong, China, brings you a different mindset.


Stone Yang

President and CEO of smart cube brand marketing and communication cluster

Founder of China's three-dimensional marketing structure;

The youngest 4A founder in China;

judge of Super brands' global brand rating in China;

2008 bocog official executive advisor;

Deputy general manager of ogilvy & mather advertising and director of ogilvy & mather north China group;

Brand building, product planning and in-depth promotion of BMW, brilliance BMW promise, red bull, golden ceremony, jinmalang, wanda, 360 and other enterprises, one of the driving forces behind the marketing of lost in Hong Kong, kung fu panda 3, CCTV "young China said", "work to work", "only you" and other important guests.


Duze Tou

Chief Creative Officer Havas

Chief creative officer, lingzhi jingshi advertising company

Born, grew up and studied in Taiwan, with dual degrees in business and design;

He started his advertising career in 1989 and joined lingzhi Taipei in 1990.

In 1996, he was transferred to lingzhi Beijing to organize the establishment of lingzhi's first creative department in mainland China:

From a creative director, a copywriter and a designer, it has developed into a brand/social/digital/creative integration team.

Many of his works have won awards in domestic and foreign competitions over the years.

In 2001, he was selected as one of the "fifty creative people in China".

During the twenty-eight years of working experience, I have worked in a wide range of customer fields:

These include fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), 3C home appliances, the Internet, telecommunications, automobiles, pharmaceuticals and so on.

Always believe that creativity should really serve customers' business:

Any product concept from the beginning to face consumers in every link, there should be creative injection and flowering opportunities.

Break away from the established pattern of traditional advertising creativity,

Looking for "innovative Business Ideas -Creative Business Ideas"


Stephen Wang

IDG Digital Media 总裁

Graduated from Frankfurt university, Germany, ceibs EMBA; Served as executive director of SBI group in Japan, and now serves as President of IDG Digital Media, or IDG Digital Media;

IDG digital media is a global business organization under IDG group focusing on the management of global media assets and capital operation business.


Shen Yang

Vice President of pathfinder group

Nearly 20 years brand of top class consumers (Coca Cola, British American tobacco, kraft, red bull, fruit times great, SAN yuan, pathfinder) China strategy, market, brand, innovation and sales management experience, and covers the top multinational company (100) and top domestic private enterprises (the United States or China listed companies), innovative thinking and strong creative execution, improve multiple brands to occupy the market or category for the first position, create multiple industry landmark case.


Andy Xu

Founder /CEO of original power digital media

17 years of experience in marketing and Internet media. Served as managing director of JWT, CEO of lingshi China and senior vice President of ifeng.com. He first put forward the concept of "original marketing" in China, and published the monograph "original marketing" together with professor jin dinghai, and served as the President of China original marketing research institute.

In March 2017, the company established original dynamic digital media, providing integrated marketing services of large cultural and entertainment content, whole-case services from strategy to strategy, communication to media, big data traffic distribution and effect optimization services, as well as investment in large content such as film and television and network variety shows.

Served as adjunct professor and postgraduate tutor of 6 well-known universities, won many international/domestic awards, and served as the final review of more than a dozen awards.



Xilun Yang 

President of guosen brand value evaluation research institute

Olympic brand scholar, national brand evaluation standard evaluation expert, visiting professor of business school of university of international business and economics, special commentator of central guangdong finance and economics.

Committed to the "next generation brand" cultivation, brand model design and brand asset management. Served as brand strategy consultant for many brand enterprises and non-profit organizations.