IAI International Advertising Awards apply for Guinness world records honor

In May 13, 2018, the domestic famous brand advertising festival, IAI International Creation Festival, completed the biggest poster sentence in the Communication University of China sports field in Beijing and applied for the Guinness world record honor. The IAI international organizer challenges the world record with 2000 carefully designed posters, challenging to put all posters on the same plane. Each posters should be fully connected, not overlapping, no gaps, and finally a complete sentence. So the organizers used these posters to create "IAI IS HERE" slogan sentences, telling the world that "IAI International Festival of entertainment is to be held in Beijing".

The slogan is made up of 2000 posters from 368 brands and covers an area of 287.6 square meters. The 2000 posters also highlight the same declaration: "stick to the dream of achievement" - this is the theme of 2018IAI's International Festival. With the challenge form of the Guinness world record honor, the sponsor hopes to join hands in the industry, through the cohesiveness and creativity of the people, to arouse the belief of the "persistence" in the whole industry and the persistence of the "dream".

In May 15, 2018, at the scene of the 2018IAI International Advertising Award and the eighteenth IAI international advertising awards ceremony, the Guinness world record official staff was awarded the Guinness world record honor certificate by IAI. Hundreds of audience witnessed the time of honor.

IAI was awarded the Guinness world record honor certificate

IAI Guinness world record honor certificate