The 21th IAI  AWARDS

Award Category

Award Level Setting: Gold, Silver and Bronze, Nomination,Grand Prix.

Group Categories:

IAI Awards.png

Different categories will be separately judged, in order to be fairly based on their different industries.

Specific Classification

A - Advertising Works

A1 Audio-visual

A101 Video

A102 Communication Service & Electronic Equipment

A103 Auto & Related Products

A104 Household Appliances and Commodities

A105 Drink/Beverages

A106 Others

A2 Print/Graphics

A201 Communication Service & Electronic Equipment

A202 Auto & Related Products

A203 Household Appliances and Commodities

A204 Drink/Beverages

A205 Others

A206 Packaging Design

A207 Brochure

A208 Logo/VI

A3 UI Design

A5 Radio/Audio

A6 Outdoor(guideboard; light box ads; window ads; door head ads; neon lights ads; bus ads; altitude and other objects, etc.)

A7 H5

A8 Short Video

A9 Craft (craft company only)

A901 Film Craft

A902Illustration and Others

A10 Industrial Design

A1001 Product Design

A1002 EnvironmentDesign

C - Marketing Cases

C1 Integrated Marketing Case

C2 Creative Marketing Case

C201 Audio-Visual

C202 Public Relations

C203 Media

C3 Mobile Marketing Case

C301 H5

C302 Program & Others

C5 Entertainment Marketing Case

C501 Video Implants

C502 Micro-film/ Short Video

C503 KOL & Stars

C504 Live & Others

C6 Social Marketing Case

C7 Content Marketing

C8 Innovation Marketing

C9 Outdoor Marketing

C10 OTT MarketingNEW

C11 AI & IoT MarketingNEW

C12 Crossover MarketingNEW

C13 Event MarketingNEW

C14 IP Marketing / incubationNEW

C15 HR Branding Marketing

C16 Technical Marketing

C17 E-sports MarketingNEW

C18 Media Agency

C19 Brand TransitionNEW


C21 Publics

V - Industries

V1 IAI Travel Awards

V101 Branding Marketing

V102 Technology Application

V103 Integration of Culture and Tourism

V104 Culture and Tourism IP

V105 Publics

V2 IAI E-commerce Awards

V201 Branding Marketing

V202 Whole Field Marketing

V203 New Retail

V204 MCN Sales Marketing

V3 IAI Automobile Marketing Awards

V301 Branding Marketing

V302 Exhibition & PR

V303 Creative Marketing

V304 New Car Listing

V4 IAI Sports Marketing Awards

V401 Branding Marketing

V402 IP Marketing

V403 Brand Sponsorship

V404 Publics

V5 IAI Mother & Baby Marketing Awards

V501 Content Marketing

V502 Brand Marketing

V503 Marketing Innovation

V504 KOL & Stars Good Sales

V505 Social Marketing

V506 New Arrival

V507 Publics

V6 IAI Medical & Health Awards

V601 Brand Marketing

V602 OTC

V603 Nutrition and Health Care

V604 Medical and Health Technology

V605 Publics

V7 IAI Finacial Marketing Awards

V701 Bank

V702 Financial Insurance

V703 Financial Technology

V704 Publics

D –Organizations

All entries must be from organizations targeting consumers in the Greater China market.

Advertising Agency of the Year

Media Agency of the Year

PR Company of the Year Greater China

Film and Television Production Company of the Year

Innovative Marketing Company of the Year

Outdoor Advertising Company of the Year

Integrated Marketing Company of the Year

Digital Marketing Company of the Year

Content Marketing Company of the Year

The Fastest Growing Advertising Agency of the Year

The Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Company of the Year

The Fastest Growing Content Marketing Company of the Year

The Fastest Growing Innovative Marketing Company of the Year

The Fastest Growing Creative Company of the Year

[The Grand Prix Awards]

The annual Grand Prix Awards candidates will be selected from the Golden Award winners. All candidates will automatically compete for the Grand Prix Awards, from the categories of Audio-visual, Print, Cases, Public Services.

Last Three Years Data

The 17thThe 18thThe 19th

Entry Qualifications

A. The entry works and cases must be original, without imitation and plagiarism and should be submitted by units or individuals;

B. The entry works and cases must be legally posted, screened or aired in the public arena without the violation of laws and regulations in the executing countries.

C. The entry works and cases must contain only original video and graphics for publication.

D. There are no quantitative restrictions for entry works and cases. However, advertising works can choose only one category, while marketing cases and company awards are allowed to choose up to 3 categories.

E. The public time of entry works and cases: Aug 2018 to Dec 2019. ( For international entry units only)

Eligibility: Including, but not limited to advertisers, media, advertising agencies, production companies, design studios, post production companies, special effects production companies, web design companies, public relations companies, marketing agencies, mobile application developers, individuals, industry experts.

Entry Steps & Submission

Firstly, register online at , download and read the <Entry Guide>.

Secondly, decide entry categories, which includes ad works, marketing cases, public-welfare, company and people.

Thirdly, login to the entry system, watch "upload demo", fill information according to the requirements.

Fourthly, after filling in all entry works, the fee will be displayed in the "user information"; then, according to the requirements of remittance, upload "payment certificate", print table, stamp and upload to the page.

Fifth, e-mail original DVD/VCD/ Graphics file and your company ' s logo to (attached files limited up to 10M) and mail works or cases to the IAI Executive Committee if you participated in the design category of brochure, books, DVD/VCD/CD, package etc.

Finally, within three working days after submission, the Executive Committee will verify the participating units via e-mail. If you did not receive a verification, please call +86 10 65462208(Jane) to check the status of your submission.

Application and File Format


Application method

Format: MP4


If over 20M, please upload to a Video Website


Video: Max 3 minutes

Micro-film: 15s

Short Video: 1 minutes


Resolution: 640 * 480 pixels


Resolution: 1920 * 1080 pixels or 720*576 pixels

Frame image format: JPG

Indicate number of frames, 10-12 frames to show and print; text script  (including the narration, dialogue, sound effects and subtitles) and creative  specifications 150 words or less.


Application method

Format: JPEG/ JPG

Size: Maximum  20MB

Online Entryrequired

Resolution: 72dpi

Color: RGB

Email or Mailrequired

Resolution: 300dpi (original)

Color: CMYK

Radio/Audio: 32-bit stereo, MP4, 3 minutes or less. (E-Mail)

Case Format (Email)


97-2007 compatible version

PDF(Additional documents for Case)

Version: 11.0

Note: 1, please refer to the requirements of “The 20th IAI International Entry Form”.

2. Audio-visual, print, Radio/Audio, website URL and other works requirements must refer to the relevant category above indicated.

Digital Marketing

Application Platform category of cases, such as mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, mobile theater, MP3 / 4, digital video cameras, navigation systems, digital recorders, and other mobile media submissions need to be integrated, containing the pattern, case text, Flash and other integration form.

Self-media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Weibo, Wechat, Blog, Podcasts, and other media-from Case submissions need to be integrated. It must include a series of marketing events and works about a certain product, service, marketing theme made

Please refer to Case Format for other descriptions.

Public Relations

We ask you to submit integrated PR planning programs, including the theme, forms of activities, campaign effectiveness, and other illustrations, video/audio, etc.

Please refer to Case Format for other descriptions.


Includes brochures / books / DM/ packaging design / logo/ VI Application items.

Submit at least one copy.

Submit digital files, images must be original size, 300dpi, JPEG format.

NOTE: After all of the above works entry and judges are completed, compact discs and the original print version will be donated to the School of Advertising, Communication University of China and Advertising Museum of China as a collection of data for teaching, which will not be returned. We are highly appreciative of your support.