In May 16, 2018, the 2018IAI international award Festival and the eighteenth IAI international advertising award ceremony was successfully held in Beijing World Trade sky order. Continue the previous day the marketing ideas and creative sharing of dozens of enterprise big cafes, industry elite, high sincerity, a little information, a little information, American group, knowledge, Tencent news, Sina micro-blog, Tencent sports, PEAK, mama net, mama, mama,, Phoenix Network and other well-known enterprises and nepia, Kong, LEXISCREATIVE, visual China Once again, guests brought us a wonderful brand marketing event. On the evening of 16, the eighteenth IAI international advertising awards ceremony was held at the grand hidden theater.

The picture shows the host, Zeng Yi Yi, director of Finance and economics at Phoenix Satellite TV


2018IAI  International Creation enjoy second days' wonderful agenda with the  opening speech of Professor Ding Junjie, chairman of the IAI  International Advertising Award, to open the cultural event of the brand  marketing view and industry thinking.  Professor Ding Junjie expressed that IAI has always adhered to the idea  of "insisting on achievement dream". In the past 18 years, IAI has gone  from domestic platform to the world stage, and the amount of voice in  the global advertising world is increasing. This means that our  adherence to the dream of Chinese advertisers has been achieved.  IAI whether it is our award, or our activities, in fact, the purpose is  to use our wisdom to cast our achievements, with our efforts for our  colleagues to dedicate our pursuit.  Today, I would like to thank you for witnessing the growth of IAI. I  hope you will continue to join hands with IAI to let the world see the  power of Chinese advertisers.


The picture is Professor Ding Junjie, President of the IAI International Advertising Award

Mobile marketing special

Simon Ruparelia, the head of customer business development in high faith and constant Asia, brought us the first speech "creativity relevance" in the mobile marketing special, explaining how we should define brand association from the case and data. There are two principles for brand Relevancy: one is willing to listen, the other two is willing to take action. Simon believes that many brands have to communicate with consumers every day. If the content of the brand is not paid attention, it will be meaningless. In the big data age, the story tells us just a part of the story, which is the key to why our high - faith public relations are going to carry out a brand association survey in China.

The picture shows Simon Ruparelia, head of customer development in Gao Cheng Mei Heng Asia

In the era of mobile Internet, we need to discuss the commerciability and value of media. Liang Xingyu, director of investment strategy of the information team, content marketing director Xiong Yan, planning director Hu Die, investment planning manager Diao Lu, content planning manager Du Yipeng, and senior planning manager Ren Zhihao jointly published the discussion on "the power of the people in the era of mobile Internet", and discussed the media of the AI era. The issue of values is shared by AI Green fairy tales and other cases, and the idea that technology can not replace artificial existence is put forward. "In the era of mobile Internet, we need the combination of labor and technology to become a valuable media." In terms of content, a bit of information has created the online YO channel. A number of online and offline columns summarize the content operation of young people with the three dimensions of sound, color and dog and horse, and hope to promote young people's culture through meaningful programs to illuminate the value of young people. The information team also points out that marketing is not only a means of business, but more to focus on the guidance and support of the public and the public. Business should also pay attention to the value of love and humanity.

A bit of information Round Table Forum

Xu Lin, general manager of brand advertising and marketing center, delivered a speech on "life style brand competition and win win". Under the new retail background, OMO has become the trend of the times, the so-called OMO is the online and offline integration, through the flow coverage of the whole scene, through the technology and data to do the whole population division. So in the OMO ecosystem, data assets are more valuable and will accelerate centralization, so content marketing becomes more important. The group proposed Co-Line Marketing, the consumer centered life scene touch, what you see is the income, the online consumer behavior fusion; using the lifestyle to define the advertising is simply two points, one is to find the right person, the two is to find the right scene, and truly complete the close loop under line and line. Xu Lin then carried out a round table forum with Bei Liu, deputy general manager of the Ministry of culture of the general bank of China Agricultural Bank, Huang Ping, general manager of the wisdom strategic plan of the group, and &CEO Ji Qingfei, the founder of aukime, and explored how to move consumers in the background of consumption upgrading. "We want to do" brand "marketing, brand marketing line and line, we need more cooperation with the Internet Co to get through such a relationship," Bei Liu said. Ji Qingfei proposed to do thousands of people marketing, so as to achieve effective dissemination, to do a temperature marketing. Huang Ping proposed that marketing is from seeing to the process of moving, moving people into three levels, the highest level is to move the mind, the lower one is to be interesting, useful, and the worst is at least to be interesting.


Mobile marketing round table forum

At the end of the mobile marketing special, Chen Xin, the general manager of the marketing market, published the speech of "knowledge, wide and wide cognition". Ms. Chen Xin appeared in a knowledge age. The consumer not only had to know anything about it, but also to know that the curiosity and curiosity of the user were growing. . In such a social environment, Ms. Chen Xin said, "our advertisements should also be advertised to the public and widely recognized. We hope to embody brand value through knowledge marketing, which will affect users' cognition in this way, and can ask the world together. Brand owners can not only constantly break the imagination of event marketing, but also pry on the imagination of content marketing. We hope that marketing begins with knowledge, but not more than knowing.


The picture is Chen Xin, the general manager of the marketing market

News and finance special

Shao Weifang, the chief guest of the Tencent news commercialization center, published a speech entitled "attracting valuable attention", analyzing the current media environment and pointing out that the real value of the media is to restore the truth and promote communication. From the perspective of journalism, news is a collection of "reporting + information", and Tencent news is a commercial news media integrating content and information. Tencent news has a powerful content distribution platform and massive users. We will divide content into user circles, so that different users can find interesting content in Tencent news. The director of Shao Yufang put forward the three major capabilities needed by the media in the scene - the media credibility, social influence and content productivity, and promised: "the new media era, content marketing is becoming more and more recognized, Tencent news will provide a better and better platform for everyone."

The picture is Shao Yufang, director of the Tencent news commercialization Center


Shao Weifang, director of the Tencent news commercialization center, and Tencent international news editor in chief, chief journalist He Runfeng, Tencent news market director Hong Cheng, and general manager Wang Yan of the banner (Shanghai) digital media Co., Ltd., conducted a round table discussion on the theme of "converging mainstream value". He Runfeng believes that there are too many information, choices and platforms that prevent us from getting real and accurate information. Ms. Wang Yan interprets the relationship between the methodology of the machine algorithm and the value of the brand. Before talking about the values, we must first discuss the methodology, and the essence of the machine algorithm is that people are still operating. In the age of "entertainment to death", people will be easily attracted by the information of the eyeball, but this does not cover up the real needs behind the user, and the serious and valuable content is still priceless.


Tencent news Round Table Forum

Special sports marketing

In recent years sports marketing has become a hot choice for the brand to propagate its own products or services. This year is a big year of sports, and the world cup is a celebration for everyone. Sports marketing is also a medium used by many brands. It is both a medium and a marketer, because sports marketing can be connected more and more. A lot of fans. In the 2018 IAI international sports marketing special field, in the round table forum on "the potential energy of sports marketing under the new environment", the senior consumer behavior and trend expert Xiao Mingchao, the vice general manager of Tencent sports, the deputy general manager Ding Mingrui of the Tencent network media business group, and the vice president of micro-blog & Social Responsibility Director Dong Wenjun, PEAK sports brand director Liu Xiang launched a heated discussion. Ding Mingrui believes that sports marketing should be close to the essence of sports, one is sports, the two is sports events, and three is no script. Nowadays entertainment is in the right place and information is mixed. The live broadcast of sports can provide a scenario without script and unexpected outcome. PEAK sports Liu Xiang believes that "digital media has doubled the value of sports marketing. PEAK has expanded its influence through Tencent, micro-blog and other new media in recent years." Tencent Ding Mingrui suggested that all sports people have a common dream, that is, let the Chinese people like sports and promote the development of national sports.

Sports marketing round table forum

Female half day

At the same time, the female economy is getting hotter and hotter. In the IAI International Women's half day special festival, the first guest mother net vice president Song mew published a theme speech entitled "the vertical scene marketing practice at the core of the mother crowd". Song meow said, "the mother is the most consumer and marketing value, from the superhuman mother to the queen of pride, we will find that the post-90s mother has successfully completed a perfect iteration from the" tiger Mom "after 70 and" the cat Mom "after 80. At present, after 90s young mothers more trust the "big God" around, 40% of mothers will learn the knowledge of childcare through mother and baby community and tools, 89% mothers are active in the mother and baby and WeChat group. The WeChat ecology has become a very important life scene for new mothers. After 90, mothers are more likely to impulsive consumption. They love babies but love themselves more. " In this regard, mama network upgraded the marketing strategy for the new generation mother. In view of the convenience shopping needs of the mother, mother net reached the "Jing Ma strategy" with the mother and baby of Jingdong in 2017. Through such a scene of "Jing Ma strategy", it can provide a one-stop media service for the brand. In addition, mother net also created a mother's net nursery book, mother's net chat and other APP to facilitate the life of her mother after 90.


The picture is Song Miao, vice president of Mama net


Speaking of femininity, beauty is definitely the most typical feature. In the vertical field of women, the commercial vice president of the United States, the commercial vice president of the United States, has been invited to give a theme speech entitled "going to the United States and deciphering the depth distribution of women's consumption in the age of female consumption". Fu said that the US brand has recently upgraded its brand LOGO, highlighting the theme of "meeting true self". Next, the United States will work to build a new community of the United States. "We will define the map community in two directions. One is to continue to provide a stage for women to express themselves, and we will also provide some more efficient marketing tools to advertisers who are targeted to women." In addition to the mus community, the mus is working on IP planning, based on the user's needs, to do some of the small tools to undertake their enthusiasm for this kind of network and TV series. In addition, the good partnership with love beans will allow some stars to make some customizations for the US map. Frame, stimulate the interaction of users to participate in the enthusiasm.

The picture is the commercial vice president of the MEITU


Chaired by the host of the Phoenix Satellite TV financial host, Guan Shenhong, chief brand of the commercial vice president of the United States, Guan Shenhong, President Yu Bin of Panlong cloud sea and director Zhang Jian of Vinda women's nursing department, discussed the "Scene - based upgrading and marketing of women's consumption age". Fu Shuang has made a simple explanation of "her economy", pointing out that women's current social status and economic status have been improved significantly, which leads to the explosive growth of women's purchasing power in recent years, which has become a "sword" in the marketing market. Ms. Shen said that every woman has his own small hobbies, and how to grab these hobbies and provide vertical services to these small crowds is a creative point to tap the women's market; Zhang Jian says Vinda has been working hard to meet the needs of women, and next, Vinda will be There is a greater commitment to women's needs and better service for women; Yu Bin suggests that, although it is a pharmaceutical company, it is closely related to women and has been continuing to pay attention to women's health care services.

Female half - side round table forum

After the roundtable forum, Fan Yiming, vice president of brand, delivered the keynote speech "three things that girls taught me". Fan Yiming points out that girls spend an average of 30 minutes more clothes on their clothes every day than boys, and is such a company that aims to help girls to "hang out" in the middle school. has now served more than 200 million women. In this process, selling to realize three things: one is that women's greatest career heart is the heart of beauty; two is the girl who talks love must be a shopping master; the three is the size of purchasing power = how much inspiration. Mr. Fan Yiming used three vivid video cases to explain how occupied the female consumer market in women's clothing.

The picture is Fan Yiming, vice president of the brand

Public marketing special field 

In the field of public service marketing, Hao Wei, general manager of Phoenix national marketing center, gave a lecture entitled "social design week - creativity upgrading". Hao Wei believes that social design has no fixed paradigm, but that it should learn and draw lessons from various aspects. Then, Hao Wei and Cheil Peng Tai VP and Peng Tai interactive general manager Chi Yuan Guyu, National University of Singapore Architecture Design Department of outstanding youth, Singapore National Institute of Architecture Institute Social Design sponsor Wu Noah around the theme of this discussion. He shares two typical social design cases. He thinks that social design is to warm the heart. Advanced technology and excellent products can cultivate the social consciousness of the audience and play an important role in solving social problems. The story of the site and the inner questions.

Public service marketing round table forum

Creative a and B

Wu Xudong, the executive director of the Beijing cable group, Yabuchi Hirohira, vice president Wang Xidong of the visual China group, Wang Haibing and Minister of the nepia marketing department, together with "Party B" The topic of role transformation is discussed. According to the standpoint of "a (b)", what kind of B is the best? This problem, as nepia Zhan Jun of Party A, indicates that Party B, who can do best in the least budget, is the best party B. Wang Haibing, who is the same as Party A, complements it. He thinks that Party B should have a common and clear goal. This is difficult to do. Therefore, the mutual understanding between Party A and Party B is the basis. Wang Xidong, from the perspective of Party B, thinks that Party A is a good party with clear requirements, good trading and not too much difficulty. Subsequently, the guests on the field expressed their views on how to better handle the relationship between Party A and B. Zhan Jun believes that the relationship between Party A and B is like lovers. Although there are frictions and quarrels, they still need to find a balance between them in friction. Yabuchi Hirohira believes that the relationship between Party B and Party B has three kinds, one is teacher-student relationship, mutual understanding and mutual learning; two is partnership and mutual help; the three is doctor-patient relationship. If one side is troubled, it can seek advice to the other.

An idea of a round table forum


2018IAI international IAI second day second, the eighteenth session of the full award of the international advertising award, PK, specially invited host of "tour of discovery" to host this PK, 5 case entries participated in the competition of the highest award of the competition, respectively, Iqiyi & "McDonald's hip-hop: small Didier big dream", Sina Micro-blog & "ofo Xiao Huang people micro-blog marketing", drops & "starting #campaign", "2nd Anniversary drops of Express Express", Rong Ma & "Gu Ling Jing Jing Wan Sheng" and MullenLove Group China& "Buick Velite 5 Lifezone". Finally, the case "ofo Xiao Huang people micro-blog marketing" submitted by Sina micro-blog and the drop out technology company sent by drop trip technology company to set out on the start of "start #campaign" with 524.5 points and 404.9 points, respectively, won the top award of the case class.

The number of the eighteenth IAI International Advertising Awards has reached 1607. It has received 2056 works and cases submitted by 437 companies nationwide. As a heavy link to the 2018IAI International Creation Festival, the eighteenth IAI awards ceremony will bring the wonderful holiday atmosphere to the new high since two days. The prize works have uncovered their mysterious veils.