Ding Junjie, male, Han nationality, Shandong, Zhucheng, born in 1964 in Jilin, China, Communist Party members of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The current Dean of Communication University of China School of advertising, advertising Professor, doctoral tutor, director, Asia Media Research Center Director, director of the capital base of Media Research Center for Economic Research of newspapers and journals.

Scientific research: the main research fields are advertising, media industry management, journalism, journalism and communication education. The representative author of "modern advertising theory and operation" (1996 Chinese, Three Gorges Press) "modern advertising theory" (1997 Chinese Price Press), "modern advertising theory" (Second Edition, Communication University of China press, 2007), the "modern advertising theory" (First Edition) won the sixth session of the Beijing city outstanding philosophy and social science results of the two prize, "under the background of the international China media industry perspective" by the national administration of Radio University outstanding scientific research achievement award. Currently serves as the main research projects with the Ministry of education of Humanities and social science research project "of China's Radio and television resources and allocation efficiency of Beijing city", philosophy and social science research project "the media industry of Beijing economy influence and impetus of the State Administration of radio, humanities and social sciences research project" the Olympic sports communication and promotion mode study ", the National Social Science Fund Project" of China's advertising communication research status and trend of "etc..