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Authoritative organizations

The IAI International Advertising Award (IAI) is a famous Chinese advertising award, which has been running for more than 18 years, sponsored by the China Commercial Advertising Association, the Advertising Institute of Communication University of China, the IAI International Advertising Institute and the strategic support of the CCTV advertising management center.

IAI publishes China Advertising Yearbook annually. In 2016, IAI makes forward for digital marketing fields beyond traditional advertising in global market.IAI International Advertising Awards aims to build a platform for the industry to witness the era of advertising development, brand marketing effectiveness, and provide creative strategy reference. This Awards is dedicated to promote international communications and cooperation in the new era.

Communication University of China Advertising Institute

The Communication University of China (CUC) is one of China’s key universities of “Project 211”, which is directly under the guidance of the State Ministry of Education. The predecessor of the school was a training center for technicians of the Central Broadcasting Bureau that was founded in 1954. In April of 1959, the school was upgraded to the Beijing Broadcasting Institute approved by the State Council. In August of 2004, the BBI was renamed into the Communication University of China. Located in the east part of Beijing and near the Old Canal, the CUC occupies 473,000 square meters with a total construction area of 383,000 square meters (Learn more information at :http://www.cuc.edu.cn/en2).

The School of Advertising includes Art Designing Department and Public Relations Department, with 6 research institutions and 3 laboratories. There are currently 35 full time instructors in this school, among them there are seven professors and 16 associate professors. It is the first school to set up academic curriculum of training system from undergraduate education to doctoral programs in China. It has set up the Chinese Advertising Archives, which is the most important information database of Chinese advertising industry at present.

China Advertising Association of Commerce

China Advertising Association of Commerce, formerly known as the China Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Advertising Association, was established in 1981. It is the first national advertising organization in China. Lately, approved by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Advertising Association officially changed its name to the China Advertising Association of Commerce.

A Successful Brand of 18 Years

IAI annual awards have been successfully held for 18 sessions. IAI Advertising Yearbook have been successfully published for 18 years as only summary work of China advertising field, its purpose is "reserving the historical testimony, provide the creative reference, building a communication platform, and respecting the advertising property". It has collected over 8000 advertising works from different areas such as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mainland China. Since its first publication in 2000, the annual IAI Yearbook has become a reflection of the highest level of creativity and developmental trends of advertising.

A New Beginning of the 18th IAI International Advertising Awards

Great advertising creativities can directly promote the success of marketing. The digital age has given professionals in advertising industry more opportunities and imagination. However, scientific advertising operations require an optimized combination of comprehensive strategy, good media communication, effective execution, friendly public relations and so on. The comprehensive combination bursts the strongest voice of creative power in the era.

·New Era

IAI International Advertising Awards has passed 18 years of glorious journey since 1999. IAI International Advertising Awards also follow the pace of the times, renovated as a new revision in 2016. With the rapid development of Internet and widespread popularity of handheld mobile terminals, we focus more on the actual effect of advertising activities. Thus we do not only collect the traditional advertising works, but also collect from a wider range of covering advertising planning, media communication, event execution, public relations and other successful elements during the whole creative process.

The new IAI International Advertising Awards covers a wider field, besides outstanding advertising creative, strategy innovation, digital media communication, execution effectiveness and so on, which contains significant reference value for many enterprises. We gather outstanding cases with vertical industry depth and overall consideration; and cohesively push forward the development of Chinese advertising industry. We are devoted to setting up a qualified platform for the communication among companies, advertisers, advertising media and the academia.

·New Awards

IAI International Advertising Awards has been upgraded!

As for the work form, we collect not only traditional advertising works, but also advertising planning, media communication, event execution, public relations and other successful elements during the whole creative process.

As to the collected content, we accept almost all kinds of creative work, including graphic design, whole case planning, public relations campaign, network video, search engine, social marketing, interactive campaign and other tool / system / platforms.

As for the selection categories, it will be divided into media category, work category, case category, agency category and some other types.

Fair Selection Institution

The IAI International Advertising Award Review Committee is composed of business owners, media professionals, influential people in the advertising industry and famous academic experts. In the primary stage, 200 judges will select excellent nominations in the transparent assessment environment. In the final selection stage, 50 outstanding judges jointly selected the final IAI International Advertising Awards. The whole process is fair and open.

The Publication of IAI Yearbook

Since the publication of IAI China Advertising Yearbook, we have included more than 8000 outstanding advertising works. The 17th IAI China Advertising Yearbook contains not only traditional IAI Advertising Works, but also IAI Digital Marketing cases. 


The Form of Book Publishing

Publish:We have formal ISBN number, the Yearbook will be issued by the regular press. Also, the Yearbook will be sold through website and offline bookstores. 

Online Sale: https://weidian.com/item.html?itemID=2142087582&ifr=itemdetail&wfr=qr 


Yearbook: 16 open, full color no light copper printing, hard box with hardcover. Electronic books, mobile, PC terminal can be used to vie the content.

The 19th IAI  International Advertising Awards Schedule


2018.10.01 - 2019.01.31Work and case submissions
2019.02.16 - 02.25Judges conduct nominations online selection
2019.03.28 - 03.29Judges make final selections in person
2019.05.08 - 05.102019 IAI FESTIVAL
2019.06 - 07Publication of IAI Yearbook 2019

We invite you to join us to witness the amusingness of IAI International Advertising Awards and the glory of advertising industry together!


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